The New Zealand Tree Crops Association (NZTCA) grew out of a philosophy of seeking and sharing information about the many and varied types of trees we might be able to grow in New Zealand that would produce a useful crop. The Association had its beginnings in 1974 when a group of far-sighted enthusiasts in Canterbury were so convinced of the vast, untapped potential for growing useful trees in New Zealand, that they formally established the New Zealand Tree Crops Association. NZTCA members have been at the forefront of research and innovation in developing new forms of productive trees and land use ever since.

Who are we
Our members include a real cross-section of people – scientists, orchardists, farmers, hobbyists, investors, lifestyle block holders, home gardeners…. big landowners or town residents with small sections.

Some of us are novices or at various stages of growth while others are researchers of high repute – but what they all have in common is an interest in developing their understanding of using trees for produce.

Becoming a Member
All members receive our quarterly TreeCropper magazine. Written primarily by our members, these articles often reflect members’ interest in new or unusual tree crops and are specific to New Zealand conditions.

Each year we have the opportunity to meet up with other regions at the national conference with speakers, workshops and field visits. These are hosted by and in different regions each year.

Members will also receive their local branch newsletters with information specific to their own area. Branches meet monthly (or more) at field days, seminars, workshops, plant sale days and social events.

Published crop information is available to members at discounted prices, as are supplies from supporting nurseries. There is also lots of free information about different tree crops on the NZTCA website.

Annual national and branch membership is currently $50 p.a. If you are not yet a Tree Crops member you will get a years’ membership with your conference registration.

Wellington-Horowhenua Branch – Conference Hosts
Our Branch covers Wellington, Hutt Valley, Kapiti Coast and Horowhenua regions. We have over 130 members and meet approximately once a month for field trips or workshops. We look to vary the sites across our region for our field trips and include a range of venues from lifestyle properties, commercial properties, community projects and smaller individual gardens.

Each year we try to include a pruning workshop or grafting workshop, as well as the occasional more specialised project, such as creating a hugelkultur garden or learning biochar. Sometimes we visit an area of bare land where a new member has asked for some advice about “what to plant”. Of course, there is always our legendary Christmas get together!

We are a friendly and welcoming group so don’t hesitate to get in touch via the ‘Contact Us’ form to discover what is coming up in our area or join our active Facebook group to find out more.