This page covers the ‘technical’ aspects of presenting at the NZ Tree Crops Association conference 2021

Our team member Steve Leslie is dedicated to providing technology support to speakers. Please arrive in good time for your presentation- ideally stay with us all day and enjoy the other speakers and field trips if you can- and make yourself known to Steve when you arrive at Danish House.

Conference will provide a laptop and projector in each of the Main Hall and Library.

* In the Main Hall we have an Epson EB-970 projector, capable of projection to 1024 x 768 resolution. There is a sound system in the Main Hall only.

* The Library upstairs is more intimate with an Acer X1161 projector and 800×600 resolution. We expect you will be easily heard without amplification, but a portable PA will be available in case it is needed.

Please let us know asap if you need sound (other than your voice via a microphone) for your presentation.

Both projectors display 4:3 ratio, so if you design your presentation for a widescreen PC (eg 1366 x 768 resolution, 16:9 ratio aka “HD”) then it will be slightly distorted when projected- either it will appear taller than expected or you will lose the extreme left and right edges.

If you wish to bring your own laptop be aware that both projectors take VGA input, and only the Main Hall has also HDMI input. You should bring appropriate cables to connect your laptop to the projector. Bringing your own PC will NOT change the projectors to 16:9 ratio, the projector’s specification is 4:3 ratio.

Please send a copy of what you want to be projected to at least 4 days before your speaking slot to let us check compatibility with our equipment. If using PowerPoint please save as PowerPoint 2010 or earlier format, and check all your slides render OK in that format. Our machines will not have the very latest version PowerPoint software.

You are welcome to use an alternative to Powerpoint, or another way of presenting altogether. In either case, please let us know asap because we need advance warning to check that we can accommodate your choice.

Please also export your presentation to PDF so that we may distribute it (with your approval, of course) to delegates and later, to other TreeCrops people who could not come to the Conference.

Please let us know if you require Internet access for your presentation. There is guest WiFi at the venue but it is another potential for error that we would like to know of ahead of time.

Do you need (or wish for) any other specific facility to be provided? We will try to help, and the more notice you give the more likely we will succeed.

Thank you for the effort you are putting in to get your messages across to Tree Crops members.