Eric Cairns

Keen horticulturalist and Analytical Chemist

Career scientist – Forensic Toxicologist with DSIR then Senior Scientist with MAF and AsureQuality as a residues chemist, developing methods for measuring pesticides, contaminants and veterinary medicines in food, before retiring in 2016. This has enabled him to focus on his passion for Tree Crops.  Eric has previously specialised in figs, heritage fruit trees, and Honeyberry.  His focus has now turned to growing and researching oak species for both timber and forage. He has planted a two hectare oak research forest, and via Oaks NZ, he is contributing to research plantings of oak around NZ. One ambition already showing promise is to create some new landraces of fast-growing oaks suited to NZ conditions.

Eric was National President of New Zealand Tree Crops Association 1996-97 and served on the National Research Committee.  He is a recipient of the Dr Don McKenzie award and a Life Member of NZTCA.