Sharlene Maoate-Davis

Rongoa Maori practitioner

Sharlene Maoate-Davis proudly affiliates to the iwi kainga across Te Upoko o Te Ika.  Her role is to bring forward the knowledge and teachings of the past into today’s world.  She works to ensure Maori traditions are upheld and protected and are made accessible and available to all people who seek them out.

From 2004, she has successfully harvested, manufactured and distributed Kai Maori condiment products that included Wairakau Rongoaa.  She was specially trained and monitored by the late Te Awhina Riwaka, and this builds on her sixteen years experience in Māori health, social services and education.  She is a facilitator of local and regional Rongoā workshops and until 2019 co-designed and delivered the Diploma in Rongoā for Te Wānanga o Aotearoa. Her session will create an environment that ensures traditional knowledge and practices are upheld with respect and integrity